At TURNKEY (TKI) Our  mission is to secure the broadest based and most affordable coverage in the racing insurance industry. 

We will thoroughly review your coverage needs by first assessing what assets you have. Many racers think their home insurance covers their racing equipment.  Sorry, but this is not the case. 

From torque wrench to torque converter, a racers insurance need is unique. We will assist you in inventorying and documenting the items that need to be insured. When the claim occurs, the documentation is already done!

Whether it’s a fire or a collision on the way to the track, your race car, trailer, golf cart, spare parts and tools can be fully covered for “Pennies on the Dollar”.

Best of all, we shop several companies to get you the best and most affordable coverage.

What we insure: Race Cars, Race Car Shop, Tools & Equipment on and off your premises, Limited On Track Coverage, Trucks & Haulers, Racers Liability, Workers Compensations limited availability, Track day coverage.

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